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Polyester Single Spun 2 way Spandex Light Medium Weight Checker Print 
58/60" Wide
Fabric Content: 
95% Polyester 5 % Spandex 240 grams 
Color: White/Black
Country/ Region of Manufacture: Korea
Orders more than 20 yards please contact us 


  • Strong, stretchable, and durable.
  • Does not wrinkle.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Usually polyester does not absorb moisture making it hot and clammy when worn in hot temperatures.
  • Polyester microfiber, such as fleece, can absorb moisture.


  • Elastic-type fiber that can be stretched many times its size and then spring back to its original shape.
  • Light-mediumweight and strong.
  • Allows freedom of movement.

Care Instructions:

  • Most items made from polyester can be machine washed on a warm temperature and dried at a low temperature.
  • Melts at medium to high temperatures.Do not Bleach.
  • If ironing is desired, use a moderately warm iron.